About us


Founded in 1995, Informzaschita is now Russia’s leading service company specializing in information security solutions for automated systems that serve various purposes and have any degree of complexity.

The company’s mission is to make sure that its customers use modern information technologies while keeping their business protected.

We offer efficient, high-quality turn-key solutions enabling our customers to:

  • protect their business
  • comply with national and international standards and regulations
  • obtain a competitive edge by running a secure business

Our experts provide the entire range of services throughout the life cycle of a corporate IS system:


for compliance with PCI DSS and STO BR IBBS (the Bank of Russia’s standard for information security of the Russian banking system), scanning the network’s security in compliance with PCI Scanning Procedures; expert assessment of network infrastructure under Cisco SAFE and IS level, penetration test, network security assessment involving various technical tools, and information security risk analysis;


Development of IS concept and policy; development of corporate standards and private IS policies; comparative analysis of possible solutions and their feasibility study;


Getting ready for ISO 27001 certification; incident, access, vulnerability and operation risk management; commercial secret and personal data protection; ensuring the legal significance of electronic signatures;


account management; firewalling and VPN; LAN security in accordance with the Cisco Safe Reference Guide; intrusion detection and security control and analysis systems; access control; systems of antivirus protection of information resources; public key infrastructure; database protection systems; network access control; IS event record, processing and storage; protected mail systems, including spam protection; single sign-on systems; digital rights management.


Our team

ser1 Peter Efimov

President, General Director 

One of the founders of Informzaschita. Prior to 2002, he was the Company’s General Director. He became the Company President in 2002. His activities are related to developing business and strengthening market positions of the Informzaschita Group. Due to his efforts, the Group has become a recognized leader on the Russian information security market for the past five years and was included in the Top 100 IT companies in Russia having increased its revenue by more than ten times.

ser1 Leonid Ukhlinov

Vice President, Executive Director 

Leonid Ukhlinov is responsible for the operational management of Informzaschita. He managed the creation of JSC Sirius Concern (Rostec Corporation) from 2009 to 2013. He was the pioneer of the creation of technology platform «National Software Platform» in 2011, since then he has been its coordinator. Furthermore, Leonid has been a director of Autonomous non-profit organization to promote the software industry «National Software Platform».

Leonid is a Professor, Ph.D. in Engineering, Customs Service Lieutenant general, a winner of Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology. He participated in the establishment of the information technology services of Russian custom authorities. He is a highly experienced manager of large-scale projects in information technology and communication areas.

bod Oleg Bodunov

Commercial Director

Oleg joined Informzaschita in 2000 as the Deputy Commercial Director. He became the Commercial Director in 2004. Prior to joining Informzaschita, he was employed as the First Deputy General Director in ZAO MO PNIEI. He has two higher technical educations.

viz Mikhail Vizgin

Financial Director

Mikhail graduated from the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (previously known as the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics). He has a wide experience of managerial work in the financial sector. Prior to joining Informzaschita, he was employed with AKB RF Moscow Bank. He joined Informzaschita in 1998 as the Chief Accountant. In 2008, he became the Financial Director.

kup Elena Kupriyanova

Director of the IT Department

Elena joined Informzaschita in 2012. She heads the IT Department and is in charge of the operation and development of the entire information and technical base in the Company. Her work record in the field of information technologies exceeds 13 years. Prior to joining Informzaschita, she was employed with ComCor Moscow Telecommunication Company. She graduated from the Moscow State Industrial University in 2006.

kup Olga Lobach

HR Director

She graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of Stavropol State University majoring in Mathematics, PhD in Pedagogy. She has extensive experience in the implementation of HR projects in IT and telecommunications. She worked for such companies as CBOSS, Svyazintek, MTS Retail Network and Sovkombank. She joined Informzasсhita in November 2016. She is a member of professional HR-communities.


Our History

  • 1990−1995

    The Informzaschita Information Security Association was established in 1990 under the auspices of the Russian Presidential State Technical Commission.

  • 1995−1996

    Informzaschita was set up through the Informzaschita Information Security Association's restructuring. The Informzaschita Research and Engineering Company was established, which obtained the Russian State Technical Commission's license No. 119 dated November 9, 1995 for the development and delivery of information protection tools.

  • 1996−1997

    The Russian State Technical Commission issued three certificates covering our new products − protection systems for Windows NT and Windows 95. These were the first certified Russian solutions for these platforms.

  • 1998−1999

    The Informzaschita Training Center was established and equipped. It obtained the status of an authorized Internet Security Systems training center.

    The Russian State Technical Commission issued Certificate No. 195 for Internet Security Scanner, an IP network protection analysis system and the first certified network security scanner in Russia.

  • 2000−2001

    The Federal Agency of Government Communications and Information (FAPSI) issued the first certificates for our products designed for state secret protection.

  • 2002

    Informzaschita received two awards at the ISS Partner Summit in Brussels: For Outstanding Achievement in Technical Solutions and For the Most Sizeable Sales Volume.

  • 2003

    he CNews research group ranked Informzaschita as the most vibrant among Russia's top 50 IT companies. The RA-Expert rating agency quoted Informzaschita as Russia's largest supplier of information protection.

  • 2004−2005

    Our partnership network was expanded to include 12 new partners in six regions of Russia.

    A new division − the National Attestation Center − was created. Our company could now provide the entire range of services, from setting up a secure automated system to its attestation.

  • 2006

    Informzaschita was the first Russian company to obtain the status of a VISA Qualified Security Assessor. The company began to provide auditing services in compliance with the international Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

    A partnership agreement was signed with the British Standards Institution (BSI), which enabled Informzaschita to provide a full service package under ISO 27001.

  • 2007

    A new company, SafeLine, was established within the Informzaschita group of companies to become a specialized distributor of information security solutions.

  • 2008

    Trustverse, a developer of automated access and information protection management tools, was set up within our group of companies.

    Security Code was established as part of our group. Its mission is to continue the development of its own range of  software and hardware information protection tools.

  • 2009

    Informzaschita was announced the best information security partner of BSI Management Systems CIS in information security.

    Informzaschita took the third place in the CNews ranking

  • 2011

    Informzaschita was ranked 31st in the Kommersant Dengi economic magazine.

  • 2012

    IDC quoted Informzaschita as one of the leaders on the IS service market.

    Informzaschita came in third in a ranking of Russia's largest information security companies published by the CNews online edition.

  • 2013

    Informzaschita decided to sell SafeLine, which previously was part of the group.

    Kommersant Dengi listed Informzaschita as the 24th largest player on the Russian IT market.

    A survey by the Expert RA rating agency placed Informzaschita 26th among Russia's largest information and communication technology firms. We also gained top positions in a number of rankings for separate segments.

    Informzaschita is ranked 41st among Russia's top 100 IT companies, according to CNews analysts.

  • 2014

    Informzaschita was the first Russian company to obtain the status of a Visa Security Assessor upon the Access Control Server Security program.

    A few new departments were organized in the Company: risk management, business development, sales for oil and gas industry. Project department was refocused to work with clients upon sectoral affiliation.

    Informzaschita is on the 4th place among the leaders on the IS service market.

    Informzaschita is ranked 44th among Russia's top 100 IT companies, according to CNews analysts.

    A survey by the Expert RA rating agency placed Informzaschita 25th among Russia's largest information and communication technology companies.

    Kommersant Dengi listed Informzaschita as the 23d largest player on the Russian IT market.

  • 2015

    Service Center was created in the Company aimed to support our clients 24x7x365, to increase the services volume and broad the range of them. 


Group of Companies


The Informzaschita Group of Companies specializes in ensuring the information security of automated control systems and has been a leader on the Russian market for more than 18 years.

Along with the system integrator, the Group includes another four companies today: Security Code, Trustverse, the National Attestation Center, and the Informzaschita Training Center.

The Group's companies are certified partners of the world's largest security solution providers: IBM Internet Security Systems (IBM ISS), Kaspersky Lab, Positive Technologies, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, HP Arc Sight, Cisco Systems, Stonesoft, Fortinet, Imperva, InfoWatch, CryptoPro, Websense, etc. Our partnership with PCI Security Standards Council, an international body for standardization of payment system security requirements, allows us to conduct audits of compliance with the PCI DSS international standard.


Security Code

A Russian developer of software and hardware that protects IT systems and ensures their compliance with Russian, industry and international standards. The company's products serve to protect confidential information, commercial secrets, personal data and state secrets. Security Code seeks to provide its customers with quality solutions to address any information security issues, including both conventional and the most recent, technology-driven challenges.


Scientific Research Enterprise Informzaschita

Russia's leading system integrator of information security solutions. The company specializes in security consulting, audit and analysis, as well as design, implementation, delivery and support of information security solutions for modern automated systems that serve various purposes and can have any degree of complexity.


Informzaschita Training Center

Russia's best-known center for basic and advanced training of information security experts, it provides professional training for information security officers and runs information security awareness-building programs. Since its establishment 15 years ago, the Center trained 40 thousand specialists working for both government-owned and commercial companies.


National Attestation Center (NAC)

An attestation body accredited by the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control to assess IT projects within the system of information security certification in terms of information security compliance.


Infosec Service

INFORMZASCHITA-SERVICE is an independent affiliate company, it provides a wide range of maintenance services for information systems and outsourcing services for all of the customer`s IT functions. The scope of work includes the following components: technical support for security products and cоmprehensive IT infrastructure support, technical training of employees, raising customers' employees security awareness, outsourcing. The service center adheres to best practices, are ISO27001 certified.