Informzaschita received the exclusive status of the Aladdin RD partner

The Informzasсhita Group of Companies currently occupying leading positions in the field of information security gained the status of the Service Business Partner of Aladdin RD, thus confirming the high level of its competencies. Informzaschita became the first company in Russia to receive this status.  Aladdin RD is one of our key partners in implementing […]

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Informzaschita confirmed the security of “client account” of VTB capital asset management

The Informzaschita company carried out an integrated security analysis of “Client account” of ZAO “VTB Capital Asset Management” after the development of recommendations for the web application stability improvement to all possible cyber-attacks. As a result of the audit, the Account became fully prepared to the transmission into industrial operation. In the course of the […]

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Kaspersky Laboratory secured VimpelCom with the help of Informzaschita

As a result of sale of 30 thousand of licenses for the Kaspersky Security for business solution, job positions of VimpelCom staff received a reliable security from all modern external and internal cyber-attacks. Telecommunication operator chose the solution after continuous use of other product by Kaspersky Laboratory designed for the security of mail correspondence. The […]

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Informzaschita continued its participation in the BSI ACP programme

The British Standards Institution (BSI) confirmed the compliance of Informzaschita services quality with the requirements of the ISO:10019 “Guidelines for the selection of quality management system consultants and use of their services” standard. This conclusion was made by the BSI specialists in the course of field examination which confirmed a high quality professionalism of Informzaschita […]

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CNews 100: informzaschita strengthens its positions in the it market

The Informzaschita group took the 42nd place in the CNews 100 rating: The largest Russian IT companies 2014 moving up 2 positions compared to the prior year’s 3.8% revenue increase. The investigation was prepared by the CNews Analytics agency. In money terms the company’s revenue was over 4 billion rubles, and the services represented the […]

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«RIA RATING» put Informzaschita into the list of it market leaders

The Informzaschita group took 28th place in the list of TOP-60 of Russian IT companies according to 2014 results. The investigation was prepared by the “RIA Rating” agency being a part of the International Media Group “Rossiya Segodnya”.  The Informzaschita’s revenue increase was 4%, and its sum exceeded 4 billion rubles according to the results […]

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Informzaschita and Kaspersky Laboratory provide security to the state corporation rosenergoatom

The job positions and server infrastructure of the State Corporation “Rosenergoatom”, one of the largest enterprises of electric power industry, are provided with the security against a wide range of computer threats according to the results of sales of over 7 thousand of licenses of the Kaspersky Security for business complex solutions. Technical support for […]

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Informzaschita is in top of leading companies of it market according to “Kommersant Dengi”

Informzaschita came into rating of leading companies of IT market according to daily magazine “Kommersant Dengi” taking 24th position. According to the results of 2014 the company demonstrated 5% revenue increase compared to the last year. In the segment of IT services the Informzaschita company took 18th position in fact duplicating the results of the […]

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Informzaschita received a Visa pin security assessor status

The Informazaschita company received a Visa Approved Security Assessor status in terms of the PIN Security programme which lets the company perform the audit certification for the conformity with the PCI PIN Security Requirements standard. The standard serves the companies which provide the performance of PIN-transactions and PIN-codes coding.  The standard regulates the procedures of […]

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Informzaschita carried out comprehensive audit of information security in «Tupolev»

The Informzaschita company prepared “Tupolev” LTD. – leading developer of aeronautical equipment- to passing through certification for the compliance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2006 standard after the performance of a comprehensive audit of information security in the organisation. The standard contains the requirements to the evaluation of information security management system of this company as well […]

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