Informzaschita Prepares a New Online Bank, Renaissance Credit, for Secure Operation

Informzaschita completed an integrated project to audit the security of the upgraded e-banking system for Renaissance Credit. As a result of the project, the company’s experts prepared recommendations to improve the e-banking security level. Due to this, the e-banking system and its environment became more stable against any cyber attacks.

Renaissance Credit officially reported on the launch of the new e-banking version in the late August. Prior to the commercial operation of the e-banking system, Informzaschita’s team was granted access to all segments of the Bank’s system. A real-life hacker attack against the server and user parts of the system was modeled during the tests. As a result, vulnerabilities of critical information assets were identified and losses from potential IS incidents were assessed.

The company’s experts tested the external network perimeter of the system, which is vulnerable in terms of potential unauthorized access to critical data (SQL injections, XSS, arbitrary code execution, business logic errors, weak password policy, etc.). Therefore, the new version of the e-banking system for Renaissance Credit is fully prepared for operation in terms of information security.

Dmitry Sturov, head of Renaissance Credit’s Information Security Management Department, comments: “The recommendations prepared by experts from Informzaschita enable us to minimize IS incidents in the new version of the e-banking system. We pay special attention to the security of user transactions within the e-banking system, and our key objective is to ensure the maximum security level for this service.”