CNews 100: informzaschita strengthens its positions in the it market

The Informzaschita group took the 42nd place in the CNews 100 rating: The largest Russian IT companies 2014 moving up 2 positions compared to the prior year’s 3.8% revenue increase. The investigation was prepared by the CNews Analytics agency.

In money terms the company’s revenue was over 4 billion rubles, and the services represented the biggest part of the revenue structure. Staff number increased from 644 to 700 persons during the year. 

In general, the IT market, in experts’ opinion, is going through a bad stretch. At the same time the current situation creates the possibilities for new business models.

“According to 2014 results the Russian market of IT services reduced by 15% in dollar equivalent but due to a decline in the rubles, it grew by 2.2 % in native currency, In 2015 the market decline will probably continue, however some experts do not exclude the possibility of its growth caused by the necessity of IT expenses optimisation by transfer of a part of works to outsourcing”, as it is said in the rating material.

As in previous year the first three places of the rating are taken by the NNK group, Lanit group and Technoserv.