Informzaschita confirmed the security of “client account” of VTB capital asset management

The Informzaschita company carried out an integrated security analysis of “Client account” of ZAO “VTB Capital Asset Management” after the development of recommendations for the web application stability improvement to all possible cyber-attacks. As a result of the audit, the Account became fully prepared to the transmission into industrial operation.

In the course of the project the pentester team of Informzaschita designed all possible attacks of attackers with the purpose of access receipt to critical data. Reported system vulnerabilities as well as widely known attack methods regarding end users were used during this project. In the end, a range of non-critical vulnerabilities were defined and models of typical intruders were developed which allowed the company to develop detailed recommendations for the web application stability improvement. From 2006 VTB Capital Asset Management is one of the key branch of VTB Capital activity. The company manages 17 Closed End Investment Funds including venture funds, real estate funds, long term direct investments, hedge funds and direct investments funds, including 19 retail funds.