Leonid Ukhlinov became executive director of the informzaschita company

Informzaschita announces newly nominated management: Leonid Ukhlinov, who took the post of CEO in “Concern “Sirius” (State Corporation of “Rostechnologii”) for the last few years and post of vice president of development of the “Stins Coman” group, was designated for the post of vice president. Mr. Petr Efimov, who became CEO of Informzaschita in the end of last year, will continue to perform strategic work and Mr. Ukhlinov will be in charge of operational management.

The decision to introduce a new managing position was taken during the stockholders’ meeting where they discussed further strategy of the company’s development in the next few years. According to Petr Efimov, one of the main short term target of the company is the centralisation of operational management function as well as smart optimisation of external and internal business processes. Commenting the inauguration of Leonid Ukhlinov, Mr Efimov noted his experience in development of control and management system of technical subdivisions in large governmental and commercial structures.

Leonid Ukhlinov says, “In the environment of high competition in the market of information security we have all possibilities to reinforce our leading positions as well as take new niches. The company has enough resources for a high quality performance of current contacts and development of new services meeting worldwide trends in the field of information security technologies”. 


Leonid Mikhailovich Ukhlinov (born September 21, 1960, Magadanskaya Oblast, RSFSR, USSR) – professor, doctor of engineering science, lieutenant general of customs service, laureate of the Russian Federation Government award in the field of science and engineering. He participated in the creation of technical information service for the customs service of the Russian Federation. He has the experience in management of large projects in the sphere of information technologies and communication. He managed Technical products engineering and network digitization projects, creation of fibre optic infrastructure of Moscow broadband access in MGTS Ltd.

In 2009-2013 he managed the creation of “Concern “Sirius”, integrated structure in the field of automated and informational systems under the State Corporation “Rostechnologii”. In 2011 he was the initiator of Technological platform “National program platform” creation. Since that year he was the coordinator of this program and from 2012 he became director of Autonomous non-commercial organisation for the development of Software industry “National program platform”.