Informzaschita is in top of leading companies of it market according to “Kommersant Dengi”

Informzaschita came into rating of leading companies of IT market according to daily magazine “Kommersant Dengi” taking 24th position. According to the results of 2014 the company demonstrated 5% revenue increase compared to the last year.

In the segment of IT services the Informzaschita company took 18th position in fact duplicating the results of the last year. It should be noted that in the absolute values a part of Information Security services, which are a targeted area of business, significantly grew in the company. In the course of rating preparation the company’s annual turnover was taken into account including its general staff number, diversity of client base (value corresponding to the number of clients per each productive specialist), scale of branch network. The top three rating leaders slightly changed in comparison with last year: National computer corporation and the Lanit group taking the first and the second places accordingly were followed by the Softline Trade company which took the third place removing the Technoserv group, leader of 2013, to the 4th position.

According to preliminary data of the IDC Russia investigation company, which “Kommersant Dengi” refers to, the deliveries of computer equipment reduced by 21% in 2014 (in dollar terms), sales of replicated software fell by 18%, and IT services increased by 15%. In general, the IT market reduced by 19% to $28.2 billions.

“Ruble results look better (only minus 2%) due to a jump of exchange rate; many rating’s participants which paid in rubles could save their income and even multiply it. But to repeat this result will be very difficult in 2015 – as corporate and governmental IT budgets are significantly trimmed”, as it said in the rating material.

According to Leonid Ukhlinov, vice president and executive director of Informzaschita, the IT budgets reduction in 2014 is far from dramatical: “All plans were made in the middle of 2013 and there were no negative expectations at that time. So, in most cases the purchases in IT sphere went according to confirmed plans. The tension arose in the second half of 2014 due to ruble crash as a part of contracts was concluded for the purchase of equipment and components abroad”.

«However last year, as far as I know, any substantial reductions did not happen», underlines Leonid Ukhlinov. – Regarding 2014, according to my information, the IT budgets of large companies of real economy were significantly cut. The same trends are observed in retail and bank sector. At this time there is no reliable information regarding government customers, everyone was waiting the confirmation of government anti-crisis plan and now they make up their work plans”

As for Informzaschita, the company’s plan for 2015 supposes launching of no less than a dozen of new services in the sphere of Information Security, consulting and support service. Also, the company will continue working on designing the solutions with use of vendor products in the field of access security to corporate data from mobile devices, security of confidential information leak, personal data and others.

Detailed results of the investigation is in the web-publication.