Kaspersky Laboratory secured VimpelCom with the help of Informzaschita

As a result of sale of 30 thousand of licenses for the Kaspersky Security for business solution, job positions of VimpelCom staff received a reliable security from all modern external and internal cyber-attacks. Telecommunication operator chose the solution after continuous use of other product by Kaspersky Laboratory designed for the security of mail correspondence. The cooperation in sale and passage from solutions of one vendor to the Kaspersky Laboratory complex security platform was provided by the Informzaschita company.

The Kaspersky Laboratory solutions were installed into all units of VimpelCom branch network. On the strength of the specificity of telecommunication industry, the additional critical requirements among with high effectiveness of security were the reliability of the product operation, high productivity and optimality of system resources use.

«When the question is about the delivery of communication services whose technical requirements are increasing with each year, we do not have a right for a mistake, especially in highly competitive environment. To ensure smooth running of our multiple services, we keep the whole complex of measures and one of them is the security provision against computer attacks. We need optimal and effective solutions which can ensure full security and sufficiently flexible solutions in order to quickly adapt to the changes of our IT infrastructure – this is what we found in the Kaspersky Laboratory products», noted Dmitriy Ustyuzhanin, chief of the VimpelCom Information Security Department”.

«When your product is chosen by one of the largest telecommunication operators which serves hundreds of millions of clients, this is the best evaluation which can ever be received. Especially, it is pleasant that this choice was made after scrupulous study and use of other offers existing in the market of information security. We in our turn made quite a bit of efforts to make our products optimal even for the largest companies which value not only reliable security but the guarantee of smooth running of functioning of their own services», noted Sergey Zemkov, Kaspersky Lab’s Managing Director Russia, Transcaucasia and Central Asia.