Informzaschita and Kaspersky Laboratory provide security to the state corporation rosenergoatom

The job positions and server infrastructure of the State Corporation “Rosenergoatom”, one of the largest enterprises of electric power industry, are provided with the security against a wide range of computer threats according to the results of sales of over 7 thousand of licenses of the Kaspersky Security for business complex solutions. Technical support for the realisation of this project was provided by Kaspersky Laboratory’s partner – the Informzaschita company, leading Russian system integrator in the field of information security. The main business activity of the 

State Corporation “Rosenergoatom’ is the generation of electric and thermal energy for nuclear power plants and performance of functions of the organisation operating nuclear units, radiation resources, storage facilities of nuclear materials and radioactive substances. The State Corporation includes all 10 Russian nuclear power stations as well as enterprises ensuring the activity of the generating company. The management of this industrial network is based on well-established distributed IT infrastructure which does not support operation failures and delays. 

«When an enterprise has a wide distributed computer network, the implementation of necessary security assurance tools may become a really time-taking process. We had to implement a complex solution which is easy for the installation and use and which provides clear protection against all types of threats, and we were pleasant surprised by the balance between functionality and convenience contained in “Kaspersky Security for business” solution», says Viktor Feldsherov, head of the State Corporation “Rosenergoatom Concern’ application systems and information security systems department. 

“Many vendors are only focused on the protection effectiveness forgetting about the convenience of its application. But we understand that the general level of security depends on simplicity of security mechanisms management, notes Sergey Zemkov, Kaspersky Lab’s Managing Director Russia and Transcaucasia. – Our aspiration to ensure the application convenience of innovative technologies allows us to apply Kaspersky Lab’s corporate products in the companies of any size even if we speak about dozens of thousands of end users” . 

The solution chosen by the State Corporation “Rosenergoatom” ensures the security of end devices of distributed IT infrastructure blocking a wide spectre of threats and paying special attention to the most common threats among them. The Kaspersky Security for business solution includes the tools for the management of mobile devices and protection against malicious components. The realised functional of corporate PC control (use of web-resources, devices and programs) allows the companies to effectively apply the policies aimed at increase of security level of the most important elements of IT infrastructure. All these features provide the security administrator with flexible tools for the management and restriction of use of unwanted programs by staff members, internet resources and removable devices as well as the possibility to periodically perform verification of operation system and used program packages for the vulnerability presence.