Informzaschita received a Visa pin security assessor status

The Informazaschita company received a Visa Approved Security Assessor status in terms of the PIN Security programme which lets the company perform the audit certification for the conformity with the PCI PIN Security Requirements standard. The standard serves the companies which provide the performance of PIN-transactions and PIN-codes coding. 

The standard regulates the procedures of security management, processing and transfer of PIN-codes which are used during bank cards transactions in ATMs or POS terminals. The PCI PIN Security Requirements include the requirements for the PIN-codes processing devices as well as measures for ensuring physical security of areas where the key entered operations are performed. The compliance with the standard’s requirements allows us to ensure and confirm a high level user PIN-codes security. 

The PIN Security programme is the second in succession security programme of Visa payment system the requirements of which are used by the specialists of Informzaschita to carry out certificate audits. Earlier in 2014 the company received a Security Assessor status in terms of the Visa ACS (Access Control Server Security Program) security programme which let it become the only accredited auditor in this field in Russia. Besides, from 2006 the company has PCI QSA and ASV statuses, and from 2008  it has a PA QSA status which together with the status of  Visa Approved Security Assessor let the company resolve the largest part of clients questions connected with the meeting the security requirements of international payment systems. 

“The maturity level of our clients in the field of information security is constantly growing and they switch from general meeting Information Security standards to niche Information Security standards,” says Alexey Bochkarev, head of the Informzaschita’s Banking Systems Security Department. – It is very important for us that we have the possibility to satisfy constantly growing business requirements, increasing our own expertise and helping the companies to support a required level of security”.