Qrator Labs and Informzaschita announce their technological cooperation

Informzaschita became a partner of Qrator Labs and now has the opportunity to offer its clients a specialized cloud service for protection against DDoS attacks based on the Qrator traffic filtering network. The Qrator cloud solution ensures the availability of the customer’s web-resources at any time and allows to resist effectively DDoS-attacks of any complexity and scale.

The combination of the Qrator Labs advanced technologies and the experience of Informzaschita as the leading integrator in the field of information security makes it possible to implement the most complex infrastructure projects, which will provide customers with a full range of services for the security and availability of their network resources and ensure flexibility in creating non-standard protection schemes. Also, the Qrator solution will complement the service line and become part of the modular functionality of the integrated Security Operation Center of Informzaschita.

“Being a provider of DDoS neutralization services we are witnessing the ongoing evolution of attack techniques and tools. Today the problem of DDoS concerns not only the Internet “giants” but small companies as well. Thanks to our partnership with Informzaschita, even more customers from different business sectors will be able to connect to the Qrator cloud in order to maintain the high level of availability of their resources”, says Alexander Lyamin, the founder and head of Qrator Lab.

Informzaschita is enthusiastic about reinforcement of its vendor portfolio with the professional service from Qrator Labs. Many companies are exposed to DDoS-attacks simply because their business processes are tied to Internet channels. Fortunately, some of them are already willing to entrust the process of handling incidents to highly qualified specialists, after all by getting a high-quality service for information security they have the opportunity to fully concentrate on their business”, says Evgeny Klimov, the Technical Director of Informzaschita.