“Informzaschita” Reports Full Year 2016 Results

Moscow, May 26 2017 – “Informzaschita”, the leading Russian cybersecurity solution provider reports financial outcome for the year: consolidated revenue of the “Informzaschita” group of companies in 2016 amounts to 6.867 billion rubles (VAT included) which is 31% higher than the 2015 figure.  

In the preceding year the Company implemented about 400 projects for state-run organizations, financial sector companies, defense and law enforcement agencies  and other branches of the Russian economy.

The Company maintains leading positions in the market: Based on the results of the yearly ranking “The principal Russian companies in the information security field” from the CNews Analytics publishers, the Company comes fourth and maintains leadership among IS solution providers for several years in a row.

The Russian product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions with the volume of sales in the last year equal to about 70% of the foreign vendors solutions. “Informzaschita” maintains close coordination with the producers of application-specific security tools and possesses the highest status of the leading IS professionals, as confirmed in year 2016. 

In line with numerous market trends, the “Informzaschita’s” Educational Center in 2016 offered more than 10 new courses to their trainees.  There is a steady demand for education on domestic producers products such as “Security code”,  Positive Technologies, “CRYPTO-PRO”.

In 2016 “Informzaschita” continued with the expansion of the Service center founded in 2015, by forming “Informzaschita-Service” as a separate business-line within the group of companies. The new service catalogue provides a possibility to fully meet the customer demands for operation of information security systems. Reaction times to client requests were reduced twofold due to modernization of the monitoring center as part of the first line support. In 2016 the number of resolved requests was up by 28%. The company invests in the expansion of the Service center technological base and in extension of the IS-solutions laboratory: more than 150 stands and 200 test areas were set up.   According to the manufacturers the Company is the leading service center in respect to “Security code” and Check Point company solutions by reference to the number of high-skilled (certified) engineers.

Last year the “Informzaschita” company set up the Industrial safety center comprised of highly skilled professionals with unique competences  in information and  industrial safety, as well as implementation of complex projects for SCADA protection. In the field of protection of industrial systems and critical infrastructures the “Informzaschita” services are unique and include more than 50 activity types, that may be performed for both individual projects and package programs in upgrading the industrial systems reliability and safety.

For the full range of works with financial organizations “Informzaschita” has set up a separate Center for fraud management, which works on creating and integrating anti-fraud systems audit of financial organizations, in addition to offering a wide spectrum of services involving fight against fraud and performing a complete set of works on building and supporting any workflow of applications protection system.

The year 2016 was dedicated by “Informzaschita” to build up competences on main directions of IT security: analysis of information systems and software protection, engineering and integration of IS systems, monitoring, audit and consulting on cybersecurity protection in financial, industrial, state-owned and other economy sectors.

The present-day increasing cyber-threats (wannacry, carbanak etc.) pose a real threat and require an absolutely fresh approach to protection. The Operational center for IZ SOC incidents monitoring and response shall provide the high level of security, needed to create an integral combination of processes, people and technologies aimed at detection and response even to advanced attacks. By providing the IZ SOC service “Informzaschita” principally offers to the clients the high qualification of the personal with already aligned processes, including vulnerability control, security events monitoring, incidents response, cyber-enabled intelligence, administration of assets and more.

“In 2016 the Company placed a great deal of focus on prioritization of the available competencies. The comprehensive systematic approach helped the business growth to maintain momentum, once again “Informzaschita” succeeded in taking rightful place in the market. We continue to put promotion of the client’s business safety first and we are grateful to our partners for the high-quality products and meaningful cooperation and to the clients for trust and readiness to treat the information security matters in a frank and professional manner”, – notes Peter Efimov, the Director General of the “Informzaschita” group of companies.