British Institute of Standards BSI confirmed the competency of INFORMZASHCHITA in the field is consulting

The company INFORMZASHCHITA once again confirmed its competence in the field of IS consulting, extending the status of the participant of the Associated Consultants Program (ACP) of the British Institute of Standards (BSI). Assignment of the status was the result of a control procedure provided by INFORMZASHCHITA consulting services in the field of implementation of management systems. The control was carried out on the basis of the standard BS ISO 10019: 2005, which is a guide to the selection of consultants in the construction of quality management systems in organizations.

The BSI Associate Consultant Program (ACP) is intended for informational support in the selection of a consulting company that can provide expert assistance in the implementation of various international standards for management systems. In order to obtain the status as program participant, the company INFORMZASHCHITA passed the audit of its consulting services in the field of implementation of management systems. The assessment was carried out on the basis of BS ISO 10019: 2005 in the area of Information Security (ISO / IEC 27001).

In this way, INFORMZASHCHITA entered the official list of BSI Associated Consultant Program Participants who passed the audit and provided professional consulting services in Russia and the CIS and confirmed the high level of their consultants competency, including their education skills and work experience, as well as the quality of completed projects.

“Over the years of participation in the Program, the company INFORMZASHCHITA has established itself as a reliable consultant on the implementation of management systems. Based on the audit results, we can confirm that the level of training of its specialists in the declared field of IS consulting is very high and in demand for the market,” says Valery Girko, BSI’s leading auditor.

The portfolio of projects implemented INFORMZASHCHITA in the direction of ISO 27001 implementation includes dozens of projects across a wide range of business and industrial sectors. Among these projects are the survey and development of a set of documents on information security (including Concepts and Strategies for ensuring information security), assessing information security risks, and developing a training course on information security for client employees.

“The status of the participant of the BSI program, the largest publisher of standards in Europe and the founder of the International Organization for Standardization ISO, guarantees our customers a high quality of services provided and the qualifications of our consultants who embody their projects. It’s nice that every year the number of such projects is growing,” commented Alexander Baryshnikov, head of the consulting department at INFORMZASHCHITA.