INFORMZASHCHITA helps automate fishing fleet ship reporting

INFORMZASHCHITA, the leading system integrator in the field of information security, announces the implementation of work on the participation in the creation of the state information system Electronic Fishing Journal (GIS  EFJ), commissioned by the FGBU Center for Monitoring of Fisheries and Communications Systems (CSMS). The system function has already been tested on three hundred Russian ships.

With the help of EFJ, there is a replacement of “paper” logs with digital ones. This  affects the speed of making managerial decisions due to the automated and uninterrupted reception and registration of ship reporting, the rational use of aquatic biological resources and the study of their available reserves. The main task of the “Electronic Fishing Journal” (EFJ) is the registration on board of all fishing operations and their transmission in the form of a ship’s daily  reports certified by the electronic signature by the ship’s captain or authorized person to the Sector Monitoring System established to improve  the efficiency of research on the state of stocks of aquatic biological resources and their habitat. This data makes it possible to significantly simplify daily routine procedures for both shipowners and controlling organizations: interested parties can remotely track the vessel’s condition, catch volumes and processing of fish products.

The project to build the modules of the EFJ system, carried out by INFORMZASHCHITA specialists, included a set of works on the design of the system itself, software development and the introduction of the Jinn-Client product designed to generate an electronic signature that confirms the legal significance of the electronic documents being transmitted. The development was conducted on the basis of the programming language “1C: Enterprise” of domestic production, which ensured the simplicity of programming and  integration with systems adjacent to the FGBU CSM departments. At present, the system is planned to be scaled up for 3,000 vessels of the Russian fishing fleet.

“When choosing a partner for the project, the experience of implementing projects on a country-wide scale, high expertise of the company and its domestic origin played an important role for us. Therefore, our choice focused on INFORMZASHCHITA, – said Artem Vilkin, the head of the FGBU of the CSMC. -  Speaking about the global advantages of the system, it should be noted that it has great potential associated with the development of exchange trade. The successful implementation of the project in Russia will allow us to enter the international market and offer other countries our technology.” 

As a result, the Electronic Fishing Journal automates the transfer of daily ship reporting in real time from fishing fleet vessels. Previously, ship daily reports were transmitted to the shore service in any possible way (via telegrams, on paper or verbally by phone). Thanks to the implementation of this project, it will be possible to quickly  consolidate data on fishing operations and more fully accumulate statistics: catch volumes in relation to geographical coordinates and time, fishing areas, types of water and biological resources and fishing gear. All these and many other data on what is happening on board the vessel will be recorded in the EFJ. Accumulated information, certified by an electronic signature, is transmitted through the mobile or satellite communication systems installed on the ship.

“The customer represented by the Center of the Fisheries and Communications Monitoring System gave us the opportunity to implement another truly comprehensive  large-scale project, as well as to apply the product integration efforts to create a Jinn-Client electronic signature produced by the company Security Code, which is part of the group of companies, INFORMZASHCHITA. The monitoring system created will allow the work of fisheries control services to be optimized and make the process transparent, convenient, fast and protected,” comments Andrey Vorobyev, Director of the Department for work with state organizations for the company INFORMZASHCHITA.

Currently, the administrators of the IS-service of the Central Monitoring and Evaluation Center have completed training courses at the INFORMZASHCHITA Training Center. In the future, similar courses will be in demand for fishing journal users.