INFORMZASHCHITA certified the service QIWI Cashier in compliance with pa DSS v.3.2 Sstandard

INFORMZASHCHITA, the leading Russian system integrator in the field of information security, announces the end of the QIWI Cashier application certification project meets the requirements of the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA DSS) version 3.2.  

The customer, the QIWI Group, provides users with affordable ways to instantly pay for all types of goods and services. To date, QIWI provides a universal payment service that includes the most popular and convenient tools and technologies. The application QIWI Cashier allows you to accept payments to more than 12,000 providers of cellular communication services, Internet, e-commerce, electronic money, digital television, utilities as well as to repay loans, replenish bank accounts and cards using a computer. QIWI Cashier is a payment application that stores, processes and transmits card holder data, must comply with the PA-DSS payment application security standard.

INFORMZASHCHITA and the QIWI Group are partners, so the choice of contractor for certification was due to already successfully implemented projects. In addition, INFORMZASHCHITA became the first company in Russia to receive the status of VISA Qualified Security Assessor, and since 2006 has been providing audit services for compliance with the International Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), with extensive expertise and hundreds of audits conducted.

The work of INFORMZASHCHITA experts on QIWI Cashier service certification was conducted in three stages. A primary analysis of existing application development processes was carried out  and a plan for eliminating identified shortcomings were drawn up. Then the auditors carried out a certification check and in the end agreed the report with the PCI SCC Board and issued a certificate of compliance to the customer.

Currently, the service is certified and published on the PCI SSC website, and QIWI Cashier confirmed the security of payments.  

INFORMZASHCHITA has global experience of confirming compliance with requirements, audits for compliance with the PA-DSS standard and have been carried out by our specialists for the eighth year. This accumulated expertise allows us to determine the optimal scheme for carrying out preparatory work and certification, as well as professionally and accurately studying information security issues within the development and support of software products,” said Dmitry Kudinov, head of the security department at INFORMZASHCHITA’s banking systems.


Ilya Aleksandrov, QIWI Group risk manager, noted that QIWI carries out regular analysis of security risks and improves the algorithms of protection systems for all elements of the product line. “By certifying QIWI Cashier for compliance with PA-DSS, we have done a lot of work considering the regional structure of our agents throughout Russia which use this solution when providing payment services,” added Ilya Aleksandrov.