Informzaschita and Kaspersky Lab to Provide Security Services to the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia

Being a partner of Kaspersky Lab, Informzaschita renewed more than 25,000 licenses of the Kaspersky Security solution for business at the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation. As a result, file servers and workstations of the Federal Drug Control Service’s staff are now safely protected against any external and internal cyber threats.

Alexey Sova, Head of the Informzaschita’s Solutions Promotion Department, says: “Uninterrupted operation of information systems of agencies such as the Federal Drug Control Service is a matter of national security. If an antivirus is not updated on a regular basis, it is a waste of money. Today, when the number of potential intruders grows exponentially, timely update of antiviral bases helps to avoid gaps in the overall security system.”

“There are lots of security solutions with a great number of functionalities now, and the list of such solutions keeps growing every year. We were interested not only in the product potential but also in the product usability. In fact, our IT infrastructure is not only enormous but also heterogeneous: in addition to the standard set of servers and workstations, it also comprises mobile devices and virtual environments. Security management of the entire system must be convenient for system administrators. By the example of two solutions for physical devices and virtual environments connected by a common graphic management console, we made sure it would not be a problem with the product range of Kaspersky Lab,” representatives of the Federal Drug Control Service commented.

“One cannot but notice the growing awareness of agencies and companies management of IT threats as well as potential infections and consequences. Contrary to single-point security, integrity security solutions are preferable because they ensure security of each component within the computer infrastructure. We are happy to see that the growing number of information technology solutions being in use makes managers think about their security using dedicated solutions. In our turn, we keep up with the time and offer new security tools for new technologies whose controls are absolutely transparent for IT experts because they are based on a single graphic console,” Kaspersky Lab’s Managing Director Russia Sergey Zemkov says.

The Kaspersky Lab’s Kaspersky Security for business corporate platform features a multitude of new tools and technologies to protect the entire IT infrastructure, ensure safety of confidential information and grant secure access to network resources for users. In addition to integrated security of conventional workstations and servers, the Kaspersky Security for business solution also controls and protects mobile devices; offers advanced anti-spam technologies, enables the user to encrypt sensitive information, and assists in managing remote access to corporate networks.