The Informzaschita Service Center to Use a New Service Desk

Informzaschita has implemented a new Service Desk as a part of modernization of its ServiceCenter. The solution is based on the Serena Business Manager platform. The works were performed by Softmart.

The key goal of the project was to improve the quality and efficiency of customer request handling as well as to make customer relations more transparent.

The specific nature of the Company’s activities and strict requirements to the new system efficiency were the reasons to explain why it was impossible to use a box product. A unique solution based on the Serena Business Manager platform was developed as a result.

The solution automated the key business processes (management of requests, events, incidents, consultations, etc.). The solution introduced metrics for compliance with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) terms and conditions per each process and enabled email notification upon all important events in the system including SLA incompliance risks, automatic escalation, etc. In addition, a client portal was developed on the basis of the Serena Request Center to introduce the system to external customers.

Oksana Vasilyeva, Head of the Informzaschita’s Service Center, reports: “Our customers set high requirements to transparency, strict compliance with the SLA, limitation of business processes, reporting and analytics for services rendered online. The new Service Desk enabled us to meet all of the requirements set to the current and new business objectives as soon as possible. I would like to emphasize the flexibility of settings for each customer and ServiceCenter employee depending on their roles and preferences. The project achieved the desired targets in full, and our customers have noted the benefits of the new system.”

The Group’s ServiceCenter was established in March 2006. The ServiceCenter offers maintenance services for a broad range of information security products including solutions of vendors such as Imperva, Websense, HP, ObserveIT, Dr.Web, Arbor, TrustVerse, SecurityCode, IBM, CheckPoint, Infowatch, CryptoPro, Verizon, PaloAlto, Kaspersky Lab and Positive Technologies. Services in the field of information security outsourcing and Security Operations Center (SOC) are also available. The ServiceCenter has a test laboratory at its disposal for modeling customer behavior scenarios and assisting in finding an optimal solution for any potential problems.