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Informazaschita service centre has got its virtual representation

Informzaschita announces launching of a web-representation of Service Centre (SC) where the clients may receive immediate feedback from technical specialists online and stay informed about important updates from the manufacturers of Information Security solutions. Current clients will have the access to their user accounts where they will be able to leave a request for the […]



Informzaschita: top-10 of vulnerabilities and weaknesses detected during information security audits performed in 2104

The company Informzaschita represented analytics regarding the results of over 40 projects in the field of comprehensive and technical audits of Information Security performed in 2014. The experts defined TOP-10 of the most common vulnerabilities and weaknesses detected in the companies from different business spheres: finances and telecommunication, transport organisations and oil and gas industry. […]



Leonid Ukhlinov became executive director of the informzaschita company

Informzaschita announces newly nominated management: Leonid Ukhlinov, who took the post of CEO in “Concern “Sirius” (State Corporation of “Rostechnologii”) for the last few years and post of vice president of development of the “Stins Coman” group, was designated for the post of vice president. Mr. Petr Efimov, who became CEO of Informzaschita in the […]



Informzaschita Confirms the Compliance of the Sberbank’s Main Processing Center with the Requirements of the PCI DSS Standard

The Sberbank’s Main Processing Center (MPC) passed the compliance certification audit for the requirements of the PCI DSS international standard in the field of payment card industry. The audit was conducted by Informzaschita, a leader in the IS industry. Being an issuer and acquirer for the VISA and MasterCard international payment systems as well as […]



Svyaznoy Bank Completes Certification for Compliance with the PCI DSS Standard

In December 2014, the Svyaznoy Bank’s ProcessingCenter passed the certification audit for compliance with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The audit for compliance was conducted by Informzaschita, an accredited QSA. As a result, the Bank confirmed high security of its payment card data environment and reduced risks of […]



LUKOIL-INFORM Improves Security of its IT Infrastructure with the Help of Informzaschita

Experts from Informzaschita defined technical requirements to improve the information security level for LUKOIL-INFORM in order to automate a greater part of IT and IS objectives relating to in-house infrastructure security audits. Employees from the IT and IS departments obtained ready-made audit and setting tools for different platforms developed on the basis of the assessment […]



Informzaschita Develops an IS concept for the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

The defense of scientific and research theses took place at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on December 4, 2014. The theses were related to information security issues. General Director of Informzaschita Sergey Sherstobitov and a team of the project architects presented the information security concept elaborated for the Ministry. Representatives of the Information […]



Informzaschita Prepares a New Online Bank, Renaissance Credit, for Secure Operation

Informzaschita completed an integrated project to audit the security of the upgraded e-banking system for Renaissance Credit. As a result of the project, the company’s experts prepared recommendations to improve the e-banking security level. Due to this, the e-banking system and its environment became more stable against any cyber attacks. Renaissance Credit officially reported on […]



Informzaschita and Kaspersky Lab to Provide Security Services to the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia

Being a partner of Kaspersky Lab, Informzaschita renewed more than 25,000 licenses of the Kaspersky Security solution for business at the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation. As a result, file servers and workstations of the Federal Drug Control Service’s staff are now safely protected against any external and internal cyber threats. Alexey […]



Informzaschita Certifies BPC Banking Technologies for Compliance with the PCI DSS Standard

The BPC Banking Technologies, a leading vendor of payment solutions for the global financial industry, has informed about successful certification of its processing center for compliance with the PCI DSS 2.0 standard. Based on the results of the four-stage project implemented by Informzaschita’s experts, BPC Banking Technologies confirmed its compliance with the requirements of international […]